How do you know when it’s time to schedule an oil change for your vehicle? It’s always important to keep track of how many miles pass between oil changes so your car doesn’t break down on the road.  

If you’re looking for additional signs that your oil needs to be replaced, our service experts at Gesswein Motors can give you the run-down. 

Strange Sounds 

We all know that cars can be noisy, but there is a difference between normal noises and not-so-normal noises. If you regularly hear a knocking or grinding sound when driving, your oil may not be working as it should.  

One of the main jobs of oil is to keep engine parts lubricated, so knocking or grinding could indicate that there’s not enough oil to prevent those parts from rubbing against each other. This could easily lead to engine trouble if you’re not careful.  

Poor Performance 

Is your off-road-ready vehicle having trouble climbing hills or accelerating on the highway? There is a good chance you are overdue for an oil change.   

Another sign is if you find yourself needing to fill up more frequently. Old oil makes your engine work harder, which in turn causes it to consume more gas.   

Check Engine Light is On 

Your oil change light is a clear sign that your engine needs new oil, but if you see your check engine light come on, you definitely need to visit our service and parts center. Even if the issue is minor, you don’t want to risk driving without getting your car inspected.  

Get Your Oil Changed in Milbank, SD 

If any of these problems seem familiar to you, make an appointment at Gesswein Motors near Aberdeen. Our service experts are more than ready to give your car the care it deserves.