Thinking about buying a used car for sale for the first time? We understand it’s a big decision, but when you visit Gesswein Motors, we’ll make the buying process as simple as possible.

Before you get too far into the shopping process, it’s important to have all of your questions answered. Here are a few key questions you’ll want to answer before you sign on the dotted line.

“What’s my budget?” 

One of the first things to figure out is how much money you have to spend. Don’t immediately be put off by the sticker price when you’re looking at a used car for sale. With financing, all you have to do is put down money for a down payment and create a payment plan that works with your budget.  

“What’s my timeframe?” 

If you do plan on financing, it’s important to think about when you will want to have your loan paid off. Loan terms can be short – perhaps as little as 12 months – but this of course means you’ll be paying a higher monthly payment. Make sure to decide how long you want to be making payments. 

“What are my needs?” 

What are you looking for in your next car? If you plan on making your car a family vehicle, you will probably want lots of space, so an SUV or a minivan could be ideal. If you have a long commute or do a lot of driving on a daily basis, look into cars that get great gas mileage.   

“What should I do with my old car?”  

If your used car will be replacing another model, you have some choices to make. First, you can think about trading in your old car to get some money for your next car. 

Check out the Value Your Trade tool on our website to get an idea of what your car is worth. It may just supply you with enough funds to make a suitable down payment.

Any other questions about buying a used model? Visit Gesswein Motors near Aberdeen to speak to one of our dealers!