Even if you’re not much of a mechanical person, it’s still a good idea to know how certain things work. This is especially important for items you use all the time, like your car. We want to make sure our customers know about their auto parts, and here we discuss an essential one: the transmission.

What Does the Transmission Do?

As implied by its name, the transmission transmits the power created by the engine to the wheels. The transmission is also instrumental in sending this power to the right places at the right times. While they come in different speeds – an eight-speed unit is common, for example – there are two types to know about.

Automatic Transmissions

Most vehicles come with automatic transmissions. These utilize a torque converter to change gears. And, because it’s all done automatically, you never have to worry about making the right shift.

Manual Transmissions

Manual transmissions aren’t nearly as common as they once were. While some cars come standard with them, typically you’ll find them as an option. Unlike an automatic, you need to make the gear changes with a manual. This process involves using a stick shift and a clutch pedal.

Which Transmission is Better?

There’s no right answer to this question. Automatics make driving a lot easier. But, some drivers like to have the control they get from a manual. If you’d like to take a test drive of vehicles with both to see how they perform, you can do that at Gesswein Motors in Milbank. And if you have questions about transmissions or anything else related to systems or components, feel free to get in touch with our parts department.