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There are certain components that will require a replacement sooner than others, such as your lights. Learn about your headlights and the importance of replacing them when the time comes.  

About Headlights  

Your headlights are what enable you to drive your vehicle when the sun goes down. They provide you with visibility of the road and let other drivers know of your presence to prevent collisions.

As with any light bulbs, the headlights on the outside and inside of the vehicle will dim and need to be replaced over time. During each visit at our car service center, our team will examine your vehicle for outages, but it is highly recommended that you check your lights on a regular basis to avoid dull or dead lights. 

Replacing Your Headlights   

In terms of the frequency for changing headlights or any other lights on your Dodge Journey, the timeframe heavily depends on your driving habits, the quality of the bulbs, and the frequency of use.

There are certain actions that will impact the lifespan of your headlights, such as accidentally leaving them on for an extended period of time without the car running or overnight. Quality matters with all auto parts, which is why it’s very important that all replacements are performed with genuine MOPAR® components.

If you commute early in the morning or at night, you will likely need to replace your headlights sooner than those who tend to drive during the day.

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