Gesswein Motors understands that Milbank area drivers want to keep their families safe and sound. One way to protect them is to get the brakes of your Chrysler Pacifica routinely serviced and keep them in good condition. Here’s everything you need to know about the basics of brake maintenance.

Keep Your Brake Fluid Levels Full

When your brake fluid is low, it will make your master brake cylinder and other components work harder, leading to excessive strain. It will also negatively impact the rotors, drums, and pads.

Get Your Chrysler Pacifica Regularly Inspected

Here at our Milbank area Chrysler service center, we will ensure that your vehicle is in great driving condition. This includes checking your brakes for uneven pad wear, rust on the calipers, and other issues.

Don’t Ignore Your Dashboard Lights

Many of today’s modern minivans will have a built-in brake system status check. If you see the “brake” light illuminate on your dashboard, take your Chrysler Pacifica into a service center right away. If you’re not sure what the brake indicator light looks like, check your vehicle’s service manual.

Look at the Car’s Underbelly

The underside of your minivan takes most of the brunt while driving, including tar, dirt, rocks, and other debris. Your brakes can suffer a beating too. Pay attention to any holes or rust underneath your car.

Break Bad Driving Habits

Some driving habits may be reducing the lifespan of your brakes. These include stopping frequently or suddenly. Pay attention to how you drive and always come to a stop slowly and smoothly.

If you’re in the need for new brakes, stop by Gesswein Motors today! Our expert technicians offer speedy service to get you back on the road right away.