It happens all the time—you sleep past your alarm and rush out to find that your car won’t start. Often, this occurs because your battery has been drained, which means it needs a jumpstart to get going again.

Look to our car service team at Gesswein Motors for tips on how to get your car to our Dodge dealership near Aberdeen, SD for battery replacement or repair. 

About Car Batteries  

While it may be small, the battery beneath the hood of your Jeep® Grand Cherokee has a big job. It is responsible for providing power to your engine and the rest of your vehicle.

The lifespan of your battery is heavily dependent on usage and driving habits. On average, drivers replace their car batteries every four to six years or so. Factors that could lead to early replacements include leaving your lights on overnight, keeping your car on without the engine running, and exposing your car to extreme weather conditions.   

The most obvious sign that you need to replace your battery is your engine not starting. Before you come to a final conclusion, there are some common indicators that can let you know when it’s time to replace your parts. These include a delayed startup time, an illuminated battery light, or dim headlamps.   

Jumpstarting Your Car  

If your battery needs a jumpstart, you will need jumper cables and one other vehicle. Jumper cables are insulated cables with positive and negative clamps at the ends.

When both cars are parked in neutral, clip the cables onto the positive (+) terminal of the working vehicle. Do the same for the non-working vehicle.

Then, attach the other cable to the negative (-) terminal of the working vehicle and an unpainted metal part on the dead vehicle. Turn on the working vehicle and let it run for a few minutes. If the dead vehicle starts, drive it for around 15 minutes before bringing it to our dealership. If the dead vehicle doesn’t start, try again or call for roadside assistance.   

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