You probably know how important regular car service is for your vehicle. Regular service tasks like oil changes and tire rotations are vital for maintaining overall vehicle health, but it’s also important to keep your car clean and tidy.

If you’re searching for ways to polish your car after a messy winter, keep these car washing tips in mind the next time you give it a wash. 

Selecting the Right Soap 

It’s a common misconception that dish soap serves as a viable cleaning agent for cars. However, it may not be as effective as you think. Chemicals in dish soap have been known to strip the wax off your car and dull its finish, so make sure to find a type of soap that is made specifically for cleaning cars.   

Use Several Buckets  

In addition to using the proper soap, you will also need two buckets to clean your car. One needs to be filled with soap and water, and the other should just have water.

Use the latter bucket for rinsing off your towel, shammy, or whatever else you’re using. This will help avoid spreading dirt around or scratching your car’s paint with debris.   

Avoid Direct Sunlight  

You may think that leaving your car in the sun is a quick and easy way to help it dry. However, you don’t want the water and soap to dry up too quickly, as it may produce spots that will need to be washed off.

Instead, park your car in a shady spot or wait until later in the day to wash and dry. 

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