If you’re in the market for a comfortable midsize SUV you will love driving, you don’t have to look any further than the Dodge Journey. This is especially true if you need a big vehicle, as it fits up to seven people in its three rows. And if this will be a family car, you will appreciate all of the standard safety features it comes with, such as:

Brake Assist

The Dodge Journey already comes with strong brakes, and you’ll get even more stopping power with brake assist. This feature will engage the brakes quicker so if a car in front of you brakes without warning or an animal jumps out in front of you, you can potentially avoid a crash.

A Rearview Camera

Speaking of things jumping out, you just never know what might be behind your vehicle. While the rearview and side mirrors offer some vision, you’ll have a much wider frame of reference with a rearview camera. This will give you great peace of mind whenever you need to go in reverse.

Rear Parking Sensors

Do you get nervous about backing into a space or having to parallel park? Thanks to the built-in rear parking sensors in the Dodge Journey, you won’t have to worry. This system detects any objects in your path – including another car – and will send you an audible alert to let you know that you may be getting too close.

Want to try out the various safety components in the Dodge Journey? Come down to Gesswein Motors so you can take a model out for a test drive around Milbank. We’ll also gladly demonstrate all its other features and amenities.