Buying a new car is always an exciting decision, but the details aren’t quite as enjoyable to deal with. Applying for a car loan can be a tedious process—but fortunately, Gesswein Motors is here to help. If you’re looking for a new car near Milbank, SD, our RAM dealership can help you secure financing on the car of your dreams. Here’s how to apply for a car loan:

The first step is simply to check your credit. This will give you an idea of the type of interest rates you’ll likely be offered. A high credit score means cheaper rates, while a low score means you may be paying more in interest.

Once you’re aware of your current credit status, you have to decide what kind of payment plan you’re looking for. You can choose how long you take to pay your car off; a faster payoff means higher payments, and a longer loan term means lower payments. This is where you must compare the monthly fees against your budget to see what exactly you can afford.

After settling on a desirable loan term, you must get pre-approved for financing. You can use your bank, or you can go online or shop around for a better offer. Once you qualify, you’ll be pre-approved for a certain amount of money and can work with that to purchase your new car. Be sure not to wait more than two weeks after you’ve started the process so you’re not penalized for your credit being run more than once if you shop around.

At Gesswein Motors, we’re here to help you secure the best finance offers you can get for your new Jeep® SUV. Our dedicated finance staff will help walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have. You can also apply for new car financing easily on our website to get a jumpstart on the process.