A flat tire can be an inconvenience, but with proper preparation and knowledge you can deal with the situation quickly and with minimal issues. Things like roadside assistance are great to have, but it’s still best to know how to change a tire in case an emergency arises. You should be aware what tools are available in your car in the event of a flat: Do you have a spare? Where is it located? Is your car equipped with a tire patch kit? Make sure you know ahead of time where to find everything.

The first thing to do if you’ve sprung a flat is to make sure you’re somewhere safe to stop. Find your spare tire, jack, and tire iron. The spare tire will likely be under the mat in the trunk if you have a sedan. Check the pressure and make sure it’s safe. Put your car in park, turn the emergency brake on, and block the tire opposite the flat if possible.

Once the car is ready, begin to loosen the wheel lugs, but don’t remove them. Once they’re loose, check your owner’s manual for the proper jacking points and begin to raise the jack. Keep going until the tire is all the way off the ground. Now you can remove the wheel lugs completely and take the flat tire off. Take your spare and position it over the wheel studs, inserting it so it hands off the studs. Screw the wheel lugs back on by hand until they’re snug, then finish with the tire iron.

With your spare on, lower and remove the jack. Now you can fully tighten the wheel lugs down. Put the flat tire back in your trunk, and head over to Gesswein Motors to get a new tire replacement. We’ll make sure you get the best type of tires for your RAM truck at an affordable price at our expert service center in Milbank, SD, as well as replacing your spare.