Are you prepared for what will happen when your vehicle lease ends for the RAM 1500 you have sitting in your driveway? If not, you could wind up without transportation, or hunting for a new vehicle on limited time so that you aren’t using public transportation or bumming rides from friends to and from work. Pay attention to the following schedule that can prepare you for the end of your lease.

90 Days from End of Lease

When you notice the expiration date of your lease is just 90 days away you need to make a decision as to what you will do next. You can either walk away from the lease, purchase the vehicle, or trade the vehicle in and begin a new lease. This decision should be made around the 90-day mark so that you can move forward with your research.

60 Days from End of Lease

As you hit the 60-day mark from the end of your lease with Gesswein Motors you need to begin building a wish list of vehicles you want to test drive. This should be a top-five list of the vehicles that interest you the most when it comes to getting a new car, truck, or SUV. Do some research online using our site and then come in to test drive all the vehicles on your list.

30 Days from End of Lease

Once you reach the 30-day mark from the end of the lease on your RAM 1500 you need to narrow your search for a new vehicle down to one or two. Come back in for a couple more test drives so you are absolutely comfortable with the vehicle you choose for your next lease.

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