When you choose a used Jeep® Cherokee at Gesswein Motors, we guarantee that you’ll be pleased with your purchase for years to come. We only accept previously owned models that are in tip-top shape, and we even test drive them to make sure they are in proper working order.

There are many advantages to choosing a used model, with the most important being their reliability. Learn about our used models when you visit our Milbank car dealership!  

Used Car Reliability  

For several years now, the Jeep Cherokee has been a top pick among SUV fans for its strong build, capability, and safety. Today, this model holds its own and is an ideal choice for a used car.

It doesn’t matter if a vehicle is new, has 100,000 miles, or is 10 years old; as long as it has been well-maintained, it can serve you well for years to come. Vehicles that are older or have high mileage can still have plenty of life left if they have received timely maintenance. Even if used vehicles have been in a major accident, they can still be just as reliable if all repairs were made.

You can find this information if your vehicle of interest comes with a vehicle history report or maintenance log.  

Advantages of Used Cars

Ticket price isn’t the only thing that drivers save money on when they choose a used Jeep Cherokee. In the first year of ownership, up to 30 percent of a new vehicle’s value is lost. By choosing a used model, you will dodge some or all of this depreciation.

As a result of a lower value, your monthly insurance premiums and annual registration costs will be reduced if you choose a used model. If there are features on a new vehicle that you are interested in, it’s likely you can find the same or similar features on a slightly older model.  

Get behind the wheel of a used Jeep Cherokee today at Gesswein Motors. We look forward to working with you!