Winter can be rough in South Dakota, and that’s especially true for vehicles. Driving through rough, icy, and snowy conditions combined with extreme temperatures can take a toll on vehicles. That’s why you should have your car checked out this April for National Car Care Month. Even if your car doesn’t require any serious repairs, you should still be taking your car in for regular checkups and routine maintenance to ensure everything is running smoothly. Getting preventative work done will also prolong the life of your car and ideally help prevent any potentially dangerous accidents.

There are several aspects to routine car maintenance, and each is important to keep up on. Regular oil changes are probably the most obvious of these, and they are crucial to keeping your engine running smoothly and keeping it from overheating. At Gesswein Motors, our dedicated service technicians will ensure your oil is fresh and your filter is in good shape at every visit.

Tire checks are also important to do regularly on any car. Our technicians will ensure that your tires are properly inflated, that there isn’t any uneven wear or other signs of tire/alignment issues, that the tread depth is satisfactory to continue driving safely, and that the tires are rotated to prevent any uneven wear in the future.

Another thing our techs will check at your maintenance visit is your fluids. A healthy car is well stocked with transmission and brake fluid, wiper fluid, and more. Our service staff will ensure that all your fluid levels have been replenished so you can get back on the road safely.

To learn more about what else you should have regularly checked on your vehicle, call or visit the Dodge service center at our Chrysler dealership in Milbank, SD, today. Our staff would be happy to walk you through what you’ll need and schedule a service appointment for you.