Gesswin Motors understands how hot it can get in Millbank, SD during the summer, especially for vehicles parked in the sun. No one wants their car to turn into a furnace after a long day of sitting in the sun. That’s why we came up with our best tips and tricks for helping your car combat the sun’s scorching rays this summer.

Crack Your Windows 

Windows naturally capture heat, which is why the temperature inside your car skyrockets when your windows are rolled up. To free all of that trapped heat, you can crack your windows to create an escape route for the hot air.

Use a Sunshade 

If you don’t feel comfortable cracking your windows, you can always invest in a sunshade when you leave your car in the sun. Sunshades are great at reflecting sunlight away from your windshield and shading your dashboard, lowering the temperature inside your vehicle. To keep things even cooler, you can even put a sunshade in your rear windshield, too. 

Buy a Dash Cover 

Protecting your car’s interior surfaces is vital when parking in the sun, especially if you have a car with vinyl or leather surfaces like the 2019 Jeep Cherokee. Extremely warm leather surfaces like your steering wheel can burn your skin if you touch them, which is why investing in a dashboard cover makes a world of difference. 

Cover Your Steering Wheel

Another simple way to prevent your steering wheel from burning your hands is by covering it with a small towel. That way, it won’t be in constant contact with the sun all day.

Want even more tips for protecting your car this summer? Visit our local dealership in Millbank any time and we’ll make sure your car can handle the heat.