Throughout your vehicle’s lifespan, there will be a variety of services required for it to perform at its best. One of the most important services is an oil change, and at Gesswein Motors, our certified technicians are fully trained to give your vehicle the care it deserves.

If you’ve been looking to schedule an oil change near you, check out our frequently asked questions to discover what we have to offer. 

Q: Why do I need an oil change? 

A: Each time you hit the road, there are thousands of components beneath your hood working together to power your engine and keep your car moving. These parts are made of metal and require lubrication in the form of oil to prevent friction and overheating.

Over time, oil will thicken due to debris from the road, which reduces its ability to lubricate the parts under your hood. That’s why it’s important to regularly replenish your oil at our Milbank car dealership  

Q: What will an oil change do for my car? 

A: Fresh oil will prevent your Jeep Cherokee from working too hard and extend the overall life of your engine. It will also increase your fuel economy, which will decrease the number of stops you’ll need to make at the pump.  

Q: What are the different types of oil?  

A: Full synthetic oil is ideal for cars that need extra lubrication, tow frequently, and reside in locations that experience extreme weather conditions. Conventional oil is the most common type of oil, and it works well in average-sized cars with lower mileage.

A synthetic blend is a combination of full synthetic and conventional oil, with some elements added to increase resistance to oxidation. High mileage oil is designed for cars with 75,000 miles or more. 

If you have any questions, give our team at Gesswein Motors a call or schedule your visit online today!