Gesswein Motors knows Milbank drivers know their cars’ quirks. From a window that won’t roll down all of the way to a trunk that only latches when you give it a good bump, these minor inconveniences can be overlooked.

However, there are some quirks that are just flat-out concerning. This is especially true of your Chrysler Pacifica’s rotors. Rotors are the round, flat pieces of steel that are attached to a rod and held in place on the inside of your vehicle’s wheel. The rotors help to assist the brake pad to slow down your vehicle. If you notice your car displaying any of the following three issues, it’s time to take it in for a rotor inspection right away.

1. Vibrating Steering Wheel

Normal braking will cause your rotors to warp and wear out over time. When rotor warping happens, it can cause your steering wheel to vibrate when you apply pressure to the brake. This happens because your brake pads are following the contours of the warped rotors.

2. Shrill Noises

Worn out and warped rotors may produce a shrill screeching noise. This sound is produced much like a scratched vinyl record. Like some rotors, records have grooves that, with the assistance of a needle, translate to sound when they spin. When warped rotors engage with the braking system, they will produce this unpleasant “music” as well.

If you hear it, don’t start dancing. Stop by our Milbank area Chrysler service center instead.

3. Your Rotors Have the Blues

If you notice a blue tint coming from your rotors if you get up close and personal to them, they may be suffering from excessive heat. This means that your brake is constantly engaging with them as you drive.

If you notice any of these signs of rotor trouble, make an appointment now!