New cars may grab a lot of attention nowadays, but used cars are generally the smarter purchase. Before you buy a fresh-from-the-factory vehicle, pay a visit to Gesswein Motors and learn why going with an older model could be the wiser choice.

Save Money 

If you want to cut costs substantially with your next vehicle purchase, a used vehicle is one of the best options. Depending on the make, model, and year you choose, you will probably be able to save thousands of dollars. Plus, you won’t need too much money for your down payment and monthly payments, either. 

Avoid Depreciation 

New cars typically depreciate very quickly. For example, the current value of 2020 model that is still in fantastic condition may not come close to what somebody paid for it last year. This is why it makes sense to go with an older car, as you get to skip that depreciation. 

Get an Affordable “Starter” Car  

If you are planning to buy your first car, it might not be a great idea to go with a new model. For one thing, you may need to upgrade in the near future, which will be difficult to do after paying full price for a new car. You may also want to go with a used vehicle if you have a teen in your household itching for his or her own car.  

Find Your Next Used Vehicle at Gesswein Motors  

If you’re ready to start shopping for a great used vehicle, come down to Gesswein Motors in Milbank, SD to check out any of our sedans, SUVs, or trucks. You can also start the financing process right now by filling out our online credit application.