When looking at used cars, you will come across a wide variety. In addition to several different makes, models, and years, the mileage will vary widely. So, are low-mileage cars the better choice? Maybe, but maybe not.

Important Things to Remember with Low-Mileage Vehicles

Mileage is often used as an indicator of a car’s age. However, mileage can’t always tell the whole story. A low mileage vehicle could be great if:

  • It was well-taken care of: If a car has 30,000 miles on it but has never gotten an oil change, for example, it’s probably not in great shape. And lack of care offers great insight into how the vehicle was treated.
  • It was actually driven: Cars need to be driven in order to maintain their components. A vehicle that’s been sitting in a garage for years may also not be in very good condition.

It’s important to remember that a typical driver puts about 14,000 miles on their car every year. If, for instance, you found a five-year-old car that had 50,000 miles, you know this is below average. And, as long as it has been maintained properly – the vehicle history report can let you know – this could be a great car to buy.

Don’t Immediately Disregard Cars with Higher Mileage


Just because the mileage is high on a vehicle doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not worth looking into. Again, an impeccably maintained car should be able to give you years of great performance. And if you drive less than that average 14,000 miles annually, that per-year mileage will drop.

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