Gesswein Motors is committed to offering a fantastic shopping experience to all our Milbank area drivers. That’s why we want to thoroughly educate you before you decide to buy or lease a vehicle. Here are four questions to consider before you sign those leasing documents,


  1. Are There Any Leasing Specials Available?


In order to make your money stretch further, ask us about our current leasing specials. Gesswein Motors periodically offers deep discounts on leases, and this could provide a shortcut to amazing savings for you. Always be sure to have our sales representatives go over the fine print with you to ensure you know exactly what you’re signing.


  1. What is the Vehicle’s Residual Value?


Whichever type of vehicle you decide to lease, be it a 2020 Chrysler Pacifica or a Dodge RAM, ensure that you know the vehicle’s residual value. This simply means how much the car or truck is worth at the end of the lease. It’s critical to know this because the higher the residual value is, the less your lease payment will be. When you lease the vehicle, you will be paying for the difference between its selling price and the residual value spread out over the lease’s lifetime.


  1. How Many Miles Do You Get?


In some scenarios, you will hear about an amazing car leasing opportunity but will then learn that the lease includes only 10,000 miles annually. Limited miles can be fine for folks that rarely drive, but most drivers need at least 12,000 miles annually, and some may require more.


If you’re thinking about leasing a Chrysler car, stop into our Milbank area dealership today to learn more! We’re happy to assist you.