We know you expect a lot out of your 2020 RAM 1500. After all, when you can tow up to 12,750 pounds, we’re guessing you’re going to want to flex that muscle. But, big demands require some upkeep and can even, eventually, cause some wear and tear. That’s why we stress routine tire maintenance at Gesswein Motors.

Whether you are driving on harsh terrain, hitting the brakes a little too suddenly, or failing to dodge a few potholes, your tires can wear down. We encourage everyone have your RAM truck’s tires rotated regularly to help avoid uneven wear. This can help minimize your chance of getting a flat. That’s something we know no one wants to deal with!

We encourage everyone driving new RAM trucks near Ortonville, MN to keep a watchful eye on your tread as well. Without proper tread on your tires they won’t give you the traction you need, whether driving on rocky roads, slick pavement, or icy paths. We recommend you complete the penny test to be sure your tread is adequate. Stick a penny into your tread, with the top of President Lincoln’s head down first. If you can still see the top of his head once it touches the bottom, your tires have become too worn and need replacement.

Our RAM service center doesn’t just provide tire maintenance, we can replace your tires as well. We only use quality parts built for your RAM 1500, so you know they are built to keep on tackling those major projects. Our service center can also inspect your tires to determine if a replacement is necessary. You may just need a patch or repair, and we’re happy to help with that as well. You just need to come see us!