When you are searching for an oil change near me, we’ve got you covered. The service professionals at Gesswein Motors don’t just give you all the routine maintenance you need, but also carefully inspect your vehicle to make sure everything is running smoothly too.

Why Do I Need an Oil Change?

As you drive your vehicle, the parts under your hood can create a lot of friction. With the excess heat, parts can warp and your engine can even completely shut down. Your engine oil helps to lubricate the parts which can reduce the friction and help avoid costly damage and repairs.

How Often Do I Need an Oil Change?

There are lots of factors that play into your vehicle’s maintenance schedule. Age is, of course, an important factor. You’ll need an oil change a lot less often if you drive a new 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee, rather than a used or pre-owned vehicle. You also need to check your oil more often when you are frequently driving in harsh conditions.

Why Use our Dealership?

We understand it may be tempting to change your oil yourself. However, we strongly recommend visiting our service professionals for your oil change. We don’t just change your oil during your visit, we also provide other routine maintenance such as tire rotations, other fluid replenishment, and thorough inspections.

We can help pinpoint other issues your vehicle may have to help avoid problems down the line. Plus, we have competitive oil change coupons to make sure you get affordable rates for our service too.

Scheduling an Appointment

You can conveniently schedule an appointment with our Milbank, SD auto dealership online. Or, simply stop in and see us at your convenience. We’re ready to help and can get you back on the road in no time!